South Korea on alert after threat from Kim Yo-Jong, sister of Kim Jong-un

Undercover of darkness South Korean activists sent anti-Pyongyang messages in balloons across the border. The cross-border messages provoking an angry response from Pyongyang. Kim Yo-Jong, sister of North Korea’s leader suggesting there will be no more handshakes and smiles with South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in, instead she’s threatening military action if the South doesn’t stop the defectors’ campaigns.

She told state media, “I believe our army will determine something for cooling down our people’s resentment and surely carry it out.”

Analysts say it’s the North’s frustration with the US over those stalled denuclearization talks that are behind the escalating rhetoric.

The North has cut off all communication with the South for the first time in two years and warning it of a regretful and painful time if it fails to control the defectors. In an effort to smooth relations, South Korea has tried to discourage the activists by taking legal action against them.

The South Korean government despite the North’s raising of tensions on the inter-Korean border is sticking to the promises made by the two sides in the past and trying to figure out ways to peacefully resolve the situation. However, it also said that the South Korean military is ready to respond to all possible scenarios.

This comes after Kim Yo-Jong said on Saturday that the North is going to take military action in retaliation for the propaganda leaflets flown across the border.

South Korea said it’s taking North’s actions seriously and checking the movement of North Korea’s military and urging that the 2018 military agreement be kept.

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