Man sentenced to death via a Zoom call in Singapore

A 37-year old Malaysian man received a death sentence in Singapore for his role in a 2011 drug deal – but through a video call on Zoom. This is the first case in Singapore, where capital punishment has been delivered through a video conference.

“For the safety of all involved in the proceedings, the hearing for Public Prosecutor v Punithan Genasan was conducted by vide-conferencing,” said a spokesperson for Singapore’s Supreme Court.

Punithan’s case was the first criminal case where a death sentence was pronounced by remote hearing in Singapore, the spokesperson added.

Genasan’s lawyer, Peter Fernando said his client is considering an appeal against the judge’s verdict.

While rights group are criticizing using of Zoom in capital cases, Fernando said he didn’t object to the use of video-conferencing call since it was only to receive the judge’s verdict.

Owing to it’s zero-tolerance policy for illegal drugs, Singapore has hanged hundreds of people, including dozens of foreigners, for narcotics offences over past decades.

Man sentenced to death via a Zoom call in SingaporeMany court hearings in Singapore has been postponed because of the lockdown period that is due to run until June 1, while case deemed urgent have been held remotely.

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