Hong Kong protesters march against China’s new security law

Tear gas once again shrouds the streets of Hong Kong. Protests returned after China pushed for strict new national security law for the territory under cover of the coronavirus. The National Security Law is even more damaging and harmful than the extradition bill last year introduced by the government.

The Hong Kong police fired tear gas to disperse the anti-government protesters.

Opponents see this is the end of Hong Kong’s one country two systems’ relationship with China. The legislation that gives Beijing more surveillance powers is supported by Hong Kong’s pro-Chinese legislators and local security chiefs.

“This law will not affect the great majority of Hong Kong. I don’t think the great majority Hong Kong people have been in any interest whatsoever to subvert in state power or the central government, so I don’t think that is an issue,” said Bernard Chan, the National People’s Congress delegate from Hong Kong.

Beijing’s rubber-stamp assembly is expected to approve the law next week, but protests on the small island may prove difficult to stamp out.

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