Environmental emergency declared by Mauritius over 4000 tons of Oil spill

A Japanese owned ship, MV Wakashio ran aground on July 25th and spilled tons of fuel in the Indian ocean. The ship that triggered this environmental emergency, was reportedly owned by Japanese companies Okiyo Maritime Corporation and Nagashiki Shipping Co Ltd.

In a new, the Mauritius island has declared an environmental emergency over the spill.  On Friday, MP Pravind Jugnauth informed in an announcement that the ship was carrying about 4,000 tons of fuel and has catastrophically affected the “sensitive” waters of the island.

The Prime Minister has further asked France for aid as the French island of Reunion. It is the nearest neighbor of the homeland.

“Our country doesn’t have the skills and expertise to refloat stranded ships, so I have appealed for help from France and president Emmanuel Macron,” told Jugnauth to sources.

 “Bad weather has made it impossible to act, and I worry what could happen Sunday when the weather deteriorates,” he added.

The cause of the spill is not yet detected while police look into various factors, including negligence.

A Japanese representative informed the media that they’ve started the process of recovering the oil and are also looking into prospective causes.

The blue bay lagoons are home to thousands of species that lie at the risk of suffocating due to concentrated sea pollution.

In the latest news, the environmental group Greenpeace warned. “As more diesel and oil leaks into the water, it may have a catastrophic effect on Mauritius” 
Earlier in Jun, Russia declared an emergency due to the massive oil spill in Ambarnaya River.

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