China to set up ‘national security agency’ in Hong Kong

Quoting state media, news agency AFP has said that China to set up ‘national security agency’ in Hong Kong.

After the pro-democracy protests in 2019, China is imposing new national security laws on Hong Kong. Critics say the Chinese govt is moving to exert more control over Hong Kong and would target anybody protesting against China’s communist govt.

Experts say, the law will punish things like sedition, secessions and foreign interference and could be used to interfere in Hong Kong’s relatively free media in its free speech.

Since the announcement in May, politicians in Hong Kong have debated the law, though very few were included in the central government’s process to draft it. Most Hong Kong lawmakers, like the city’s residents, do not know the exact provisions in the proposed law.

G7 nations including Japan had expressed deep concern about China’s plans to impose new security laws in Hong Kong. China has however strongly objected the interference of G7 in its internal affairs.

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