Hong Kong protesters march against China’s new security law

Tear gas once again shrouds the streets of Hong Kong. Protests returned after China pushed for strict new national security law for the territory under cover of the coronavirus. The National Security Law is even more damaging and harmful than…

Pakistan plane crash: 35 bodies recovered

A passenger plane crashed in Pakistan carrying more than 90 passengers and 7 crew members travelling from Lahore to Karachi. The Airbus A320 crashed just before landing. It tried to land 2-3 times before crashing in a residential area near…

China to impose new security laws on Hong Kong

After the pro-democracy protests in 2019, China is now imposing new national security laws on Hong Kong. Critics say the Chinese govt is moving to exert more control over Hong Kong and would target anybody protesting against China’s communist govt.…

Man sentenced to death via a Zoom call in Singapore

A 37-year old Malaysian man received a death sentence in Singapore for his role in a 2011 drug deal – but through a video call on Zoom. This is the first case in Singapore, where capital punishment has been delivered…

Trump warns permanent freeze on WHO funding for being biased towards China

US President Donald Trump has gone ahead and issued an ultimatum to the World Health Organization(WHO). He has threatened the WHO to permanently freeze funding from the US. In a four-page letter that Trump has written to WHO over the…

Canadian Snowbirds captain dies in a crash while paying tribute to COVID warriors

In a tragic incident, a Canadian aerobatic jet crashed into a British Columbia neighbour during a flyover intended to honour the public effort against the Coronavirus. A member of Canadian air force aerobatics team “Snowbirds” died and another was injured.…

Germany demolishes nuclear reactors for a better tomorrow

A transformer station will be built on the site that will bring renewable power sources in northern Germany to the country’s south.

China advises foreign diplomats to postpone their return

China has issued a travel advisory to the foreign embassies to postpone the return of diplomats and personnel rotation for a further two weeks until June 1. The step has been taken to reduce the risk of importing new coronavirus…

China has the fifth coronavirus vaccine in human trial

China has a fifth potential coronavirus vaccine in a human trial, and more are on the way, a health official said Friday, as the world races to find a formula to stop the contagion in its tracks. So far there…

Obama is in full swing for the 2020 US presidential race

Former President of the United States, Barack Obama endorsed Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee, breaking his silence to help his former vice president’s efforts to unite the party and energize its voters ahead of the November 3 election. Being…