Keen – Google’s answer to Pinterest

Google’s Area 120 team and PAIR team have quietly launched an AI-powered Pinterest like platform – Keen.

Keen is available on the web as well as on the Play Store. The app encourages users to make a “Keen” (essentially a Pinterest board) about any topic they’d like.

The app lets the users’ curate, collaborate and expand, essentially make a “Keen” about any topic they are interested in.

“Keen lets you curate the content you love, share your collection with others and find new content based on what you have saved,” co-founder CJ Adams wrote in a blog post.

How Keen can beat Pinterest is that it leverages the Google Search index, and combines it with user feedback to provide personalized recommendations. It’s still not clear what personal data Google gathers with Keen.

Though Pinterest also invests heavily in Artificial Intelligence, Google certainly has some advantage over machine learning and AI.

Area 120 is an experimental program within Google that helps small teams rapidly build new products.

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