EU opens antitrust case against Apple

EU antitrust regulators opened two investigations into Apple regarding its App Store and Apple Pay, saying Apple’s rules for app developers on the distribution of apps via the App Store violate European Union rules.

The European Commission said it will look into the mandatory use of Apple’s in-app purchase system and restrictions on the ability of developers to inform iPhone and iPad users of other cheaper purchasing possibilities outside of apps.

The second case focuses on Apple’s terms, conditions and other measures for integrating Apple Pay in merchant apps and websites on iPhones and iPads, among others.

The case comes after Kobo, a Rakuten subsidiary complained about Apple’s 30 per cent cut on ebooks in the App Store. Rakuten file a complaint in March alleging that it’s anti-competitive for Apple to take a 30-per cent commission on ebooks sold through the App Store while promoting its own Apple Books service.

Spotify last year files a similar complaint at the EU where it claimed that Apple uses its App Store to stifle innovation and limit consumer choice in favour of its own Apple Music service.

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