6 clever ways you can use videos to boost Digital Marketing

When it comes to consuming content, video content takes precedence over all other forms. It is the most interesting area of marketing to invest in for many companies.

Videos account for nearly 80% of all consumer internet traffic, and the volume of consumption for mobile video increases by 100% almost every day.

Based on these numbers, it is quite evident that a video marketing strategy is a great way to position your brand, getting to know your customers and build lasting and strong relationships. But why do videos work so well?

The Magic Of Video Marketing

Videos lend a human touch to your marketing strategy. You can see a person’s expressions, the way they speak, and their body language, which can help you create a more identifiable persona for your brand.

It is more compelling than a still photo, text-based post, or blog and emailers. Videos are also a strong tool for storytelling. Consider how Facebook Thumbstopper films told strong stories in under 10 seconds!

Research shows that almost 46% of consumers have made a purchase decision after watching a brand video, while 32% have considered doing the same.

This could serve as an inspiration for you, as a brand, to create video content that features real people – your founder, employees, customers, and your support staff – who can tell the real story behind your brand.

There are many ways in which you can use videos to boost your digital marketing strategy – whether its ad promotions, social media content, or targeted retailers. Here are our top 6 picks!

1. Identify And Understand Your Audience

Your video content cannot be generic. If you try to talk to everyone, you end up not reaching the actual audience that you might be aiming to reach. You cannot have a one formula fits all approach when it comes to your video content.

While a viral video will have its appeal to a large set of audience, your video marketing strategy should aim at a lot more than just going viral. It should have a much more specific objective like awareness, sales, traffic, among others.

For you to create video content that will help you achieve your objective, you need to first identify your ideal target audience and then understand their demographic, the platforms that they use frequently, and the language that they use.

For example, a premium, organic, vegan, sustainable skin, and hair care products brand would most likely use Instagram as their platform with the video content in English, targeted at an audience between 25-35 years.

In contrast, a regional jewelry brand from South India would probably create videos for Facebook targeted at an audience above 40 years of age and in one or more regional languages such as Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam.

When your video speaks to your audience at a personal level through a platform that they frequent and in a language that is close to their hearts, you can reach them faster, and they can identify with your brand better.

2. Use Consistent Branding On Your Videos

You want people to be able to distinguish your videos from the rest of the content that crowds the cyberspace. 

Whether it’s a Facebook or Instagram Live, an ad film, an IGTV video or Reel, or even a Story or a Snap, you have to ensure that you include a consistent branding element throughout – whether it is a logo, a frame or a particular style of clothing.

It could even be a specific intro or outro. For example, when you see videos by Nas Daily, you know that it is created by him because of the visual treatment and his intro in a unique style!

You can use an app promo video maker to create the video content for your brand and tailor them to your platform’s needs.

3. Give A Clear Idea About The Subject Of Your Video

People don’t have a lot of time on their hands when it comes to checking out the content online. The average drop rate from a video on Facebook is 3 seconds. 

Therefore, if your brand is not already established as a video creator, you have precisely 3 seconds to hold your audience’s attention. You have to show the most important or interesting part of your content in this short time to hold their attention.

Having an intriguing title makes people stop and take a look at your video to begin with. So, either create a clickbaity title that would make people click or use a title that makes the topic of your video crystal clear.

If the video is longer than a minute, feel free to include a summary for people to click and give their time to watch your content.

4. Use Your Video As A Storytelling Tool

Videos are extremely potent storytelling tools. A picture may be louder than words, but a video with a sequence of still or dynamic frames as well as dialogues and texts is way more vocal.

You can use your videos for a variety of purposes, such as to simplify a complicated concept, showcase your knowledge in a field, explain a trend, run through a process, inspire someone or get close and personal.

All of these techniques would work based on the kind of brand you are. For example, if you are a brand that creates customized products, customer testimonials might help you acquire newer clients.

5. Use Social Proof

People want to buy things or avail services that others have tried and liked or are willing to vouch for. When you create influencer content for your brand using videos, you not only create a feeling of trust among your audience, you also capture their audience’s attention.

The social proof can also come in the form of likes, comments, and shares, as well as views on a particular video. This can effectively help you convert fence-sitters into loyal customers.

6. Include A Call-To-Action

Including an action point at the end of your video is an interesting way for people to do something after they have watched your video till the end. If someone finishes watching your video, they are interested in your content.

This would mean that you can prompt them to take any action such as engaging with the video or your channel, buying a product, subscribing to your newsletter, voting on a poll, contributing to a cause, go for a free trial and others.


Using videos smartly can change the way your brand is seen among your target audience. Your video strategy can include different forms of video content but with a common objective of establishing your brand as easily recognizable among your audience.

So, tell stories, use interesting soundtracks which you can source using an mp3 youtube converter by InVideo, and create a following using the most reliable form of content in today’s world!

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