Rajasthan Political Crisis – Is Caste Politics Hounding Congress?

If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table – House of Cards. I guess, Deputy CM Sachin Pilot took this line too seriously.

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I mean who else settles for a lesser deal? Look at us, we are still murmuring and making memes in our internal WhatsApp groups about our recent pay cuts and no bonuses.

But unlike us, he can turn the table in Politics especially when he is in Congress (Pun intended). So-called Small-time political analysts also knew about this coming. It is just a repetition of the Congress crisis in Karnataka in 2019, the topple in Government in Madhya Pradesh in March 2020. 

Note – In 2018, Congress won all three state elections along with Chattisgarh. 

Courses of events that led the Crisis in Rajasthan Government –

  • Sachin Pilot, a well educated(A rare in the Indian politics, with many politicians, alleged showing fake certificates) alumnus of St. Stephen’s College and Wharton Business School put a lot of hard work to revive the old political party’s status in the state.
  • INC won 100 seats in the 2018 election compared to only 21 seats in the previous election. That’s near to a whopping 500% improvement in the results.
    • Imagine the reward you’re going to get after pulling out a 5X growth at your work!
  • Got sidelined by the party president and his close friend, Rahul Gandhi who asked Ashok Gehlot to lead the Government as the CM.
  • Thereafter, many incidents of tussles reported between the CM Ashok Gehlot and the Deputy CM
  • Rahul Gandhi’s resignation from the party president post made these young leaders a weak pawn.
  • Speculations of his exit from the party made the rounds in Mar 2020 after another Young Turk, Jotiradiya Scindia left Congress to Join BJP and got elected to the Rajya Sabha.
  • After all, the Rajyasabha polls were over the head of Rajasthan, Sachin felt it was the right time to make a jump.

Recent events happening that the country is talking about – 

  • Last night, Pilot reaches to Delhi with 25 MLAs 
  • Sachin Pilot complains of Ashok Gehlot’s sideline attempt
  • BJP denies the allegations of involving in the horse-trading
  • Senior party leaders like Kapil Sibal are concerned about the party
  • SOG sent the notice to CM, and other ministers as well in BJP horse-trading matter: CM Gehlot
  • Gehlot called a meeting at his residence tonight, asks everyone to reach Jaipur.
  • Sachin meets with BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia
  • The drama is still going on, but we don’t have to wait a long like the Indian soap operas expect us to wait.

Reasons for the instability in Congress Government – 

  • The frequent conflict between the veteran and youth leaders.
    • The Young Turk, Sachin Pilot took so many ground-level activities to revive Congress’s position in state politics but two-time CM Ashok Gehlot made to the CM in the last moment meeting and Sachin had to satisfy with a Deputy CM post. 
    • This is not the first time, Congress has a culture of backstabbing its own leaders like the Jyotoraditya-Kamal Nath episode in MP
  • The brand image of it’s 50-years old youth leader is always a matter of high priority
    • It’s a no brainer to understand that Congress always protected the Gandhi family and made it a top priority to keep them high above all.
    • Unlike the recent appointment of Hardik Patel as the working chief of INC in Gujarat. It is very rare to see congress promoting young and capable leaders to top positions. 
  • Still hugging the caste-based politics
    • While BJP focuses on a major group i.e ‘Hindu’, Congress is still after caste politics.
    • Pilot comes from the Gujjar community, and one of the factors that went against his elevation was that it may not go down well with the Meena community. Gehlot, on the other hand, is not seen as a threat to any caste group. He belongs to the backward Mali caste and is not seen as a threat to the dominant Jat, Gujjar, Meena, and Rajput communities.
  • Congress is decaying to an extinction
    • You call it the rise of local parties in various states or the stronghold of BJP in central politics and the ability to connect with the masses – this is making it hard for Congress to sustain for a very long time as it did since independence until it gets a major leadership to revamp.
    • People always question the popular leaders like Dr. Sashi Tharoor, Jayram Ramesh, Sachin Pilot for their association with the grand old Congress party.
    • No one loves to be part of a sinking ship until you are a musician in the Titanics.

Where will this lead?

Sachin pilot can get the CM role or other favors from Congress. Which is very unlikely as BJP must be negotiating with full efforts to get him onboard and topple the current state government ahead of the Rajyasabha polls.

Also, no one loves to befriend a leader with serious indiscipline issues with the party.

Will it affect the other Cogress ruling states?

Although Amarinder Singh’s Punjab team is holding it strong, Chhattisgarh’s political scenario is under serious threat. There will be no surprise if the events are getting repeated in Chhattisgarh in the near future. 

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