The most common problem of billions of humans surviving today is remoteness. We have been forced to live in solitude in order to save our lives from this deadly virus. The onset of the Coronavirus has caged humans. Seems like we have switched positions with the animals.

The cornerstone of human evolution is social connection and social distancing is utterly at odds with our drive for it. Abruptly and unexpectedly, being confronted with a lack of social interaction, many of us are now experiencing remoteness. At such times of despair and adversity, all that we need is a hug or a consolation from our loved ones but even that seems impossible these days. People have started having this void inside themselves and they have started using alternatives in order to fill that void but to no avail. No matter how much we engage ourselves in our mobile phones, work, or even try to maintain a routine for that matter but nothing can fill the void that lack of human interaction has left.

Remoteness in times of this crisis has paved the way to loneliness for most of us. As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly sweeps across the nation, it is inducing a considerable spike in the degree of fear, worry, and concern in the population at large and among certain specific groups in particular, such as the older ones, the care providers and the ones with underlying health conditions. Albeit, some of us are trying to be pragmatic in these times and spending some quality time with their loved ones, but then for those who live alone — this is more of mental health destruction.

People who live alone tend to depend much on social interaction and the lack of the same amidst the lockdown is dragging them towards anxiety, mental stress, and depression. They tend to have an emotional breakdown in the hours of remoteness which drowns them into the dark abyss of depression triggered by extreme mental stress. Consumption of harmful alcohol, drug use, and self-harm or suicidal behavior is also expected to rise.

Locked up in a house and going out only for emergencies or essential requirements, takes away the essence of an evolved human being. Although humans are adapting new ways to keep up the connection amongst themselves. Video calling through Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, and other means has become very common these days.

One of the most dominating impacts of remoteness due to the spread of the Coronavirus has been on the education sectors. It has completely reshaped the education world. To contain the spread of the coronavirus, the government started shutting schools and colleges from 21 March onwards. It’s almost two months now and there is no certainty as to when they will reopen. This is the most crucial time for students across the country—board examinations, school admissions, entrance exams of various universities and competitive examinations, among others, are all held during this very period. As the days pass by with no immediate solution to stop the outbreak of Covid-19, this will deeply impact the continuity of learning for more than 285 million young learners in India.

This remoteness of education from everyday life has left us handicapped.
All one can do for now is — Wait. Needless to say, this crisis has changed the centuries-old, chalk and talk teaching model to one driven by technology. Students are more comfortable and used to the former method and the current inclusion of e-learning technologies is complexing things to a great extent for them. The outbreak of this pandemic has many far-reaching effects than one can imagine.

It is a very difficult time for all of us and we must remember that we are not alone in this, the entire world is locked down and suffering. This time can be utilized in nurturing our relationships and being positive about tomorrow. At testing times like these, we can retort to the pandemic with greater effectiveness by engaging in good and self-care practices.

Maintain a healthy routine, stay physically active, obtain information in a good way, acknowledge your own feelings, stay connected with your loved ones, and reach out for professional support if you need it. Just, hold on!

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