Heavy rainfall expected in Odisha for five days: IMD

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a heavy rainfall warning for 25 districts of Odisha. The rainfall is caused by the low-pressure area brewing over the northwest and adjoining west-central Bay of Bengal.

The IMD warned that heavy rain will cause water-logging in the low-lying areas and possible damage to kutcha houses and informal roads at some places in the state.

It also said that as the low pressure will further activate the south-west monsoon, the state will receive heavy rainfall for five days till October 4.

Due to inclement weather, fishermen are advised not to venture into the deep sea along and off the Odisha coast as the surface wind speed reaching 40-50 kmph will make the sea condition very rough.

In view of the heavy rainfall, IMD has issued orange and yellow warnings for the following districts.

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