The Era of Thrifting: Slow Fashion is the New Wave

Of late concerns regarding the dwindling state of our planet contributing to a cloudy future for our upcoming generations have been elevating all across the globe. While Fashion represents the aesthetic expression of one’s state of mind, it is also one of the leading causes of pollution and climate change in the world. The 21st-century fashion is revolutionizing as multi-million brands are getting inquired to take accountability for the consequences they bear on the environment. Fast fashion is not only defiling but is also rigid and expensive for a regular 9 to 5 someone thus, rendering its existence rather redundant. 

Sustainability Need of the Hour

Slow fashion in contrast to its obstructive rival considers the processes and resources required to make clothing while keeping in mind the environmental advisability of it. It provides a ready market for up-cycled, durable, and more inclusive clothes and is thoughtful towards people, animals, and the planet as a whole. 

How does slow fashion benefit YOU?

Moving on from the “sermons” on the environmental advisability of pre-loved clothing. Let us talk about what most of us accurately value over anything else (our own selves, of course?).

  • Second-Hand clothing operates as time capsules – obsession with vintage clothing and accessories peaked during the “Lana Del Rey” era of hippie trends from the 60s and 70s and have failed to die down. Fashion trends are cyclical, and the last couple of years have witnessed the re-invention of flared pants, scrunchies, and even corsets. Thrift stores provide you with an evergreen market for such hand-picked vintage items. 
  • Mind-bogglingly cheap & durable options – Keeping the “broke-ness” of college kids and teens in mind, it is quite comprehensible that fresh branded clothing can have the capacity to burn a hole in your pockets. Luckily, thrifting can help you preserve your elite taste by offering high- branded clothing at the most pocket-friendly prices. 
  • A diverse and inclusive society – While most top-notch brands are rarely inclusive of plus sizes and androgynous fashion, Thrift stores make sure their plus size, star customers also get equal attention. They additionally come with a universal air of growing acceptance of the LGBTQ+ culture and provide members with the latest androgynous trends and queer motifs to flaunt on one of their chic parties.
  • Adventure Shopping – Unlike shopping on conventional platforms thrifting comes with the power to raise your serotonin levels. When all items are one of a kind, the process of shopping becomes an adventure in itself. The idea of being the first one to grab the unique piece feels like an enthralling experience.

The Thrift Panorama in India 

It is almost imperative for me to divert your attention to the upcoming thrift scene in India. Frankly, the idea of pre-loved clothing is not new to our Indian audience base. The process of thrifting is ingrained within us since we were little kids wearing hand-me-downs of our older siblings. Moreover, even if you’ve maintained a rather refined fashion outlook all your life, most of us who come from middle-class families are usually more cautious of their spending habits.  

Contrarily, this fresh revolution of fashion only comes with one diversion; i.e. while you shop for fancy, pocket-friendly clothes your tiny step leaves a large impact on the environment.  

Bold and Beautiful 

Keeping everything aside, thrifting culture suits the needs of those of us who are youthful and unafraid to experiment. We create art out of our clothes while Mix-matching everything from denim to ruffles, from handmade to hand-painted, from cross-dressing to weaving accessories while managing to pull it off like a “BOSS”. 

Fashion holds a mirror to your spirit, so the next time you shop, shop thrift, and don’t forget to be BOLD!

While we are at it, here’s a quick go-to-list for some really chic online thrift stores:

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The prêt à porter collection – DROPPIN 5 pm 🤩

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Discover something that meets your air, Happy Thrifting!

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