What is Pulitzer Prize?

Three Indian photojournalists Dar Yasin, Mukhtar Khan, and Channi Anand from Jammu and Kashmir have bagged the 2020 Pulitzer Prize in feature photography.

The trio from the Associated Press has been awarded the coveted prize for their striking images of life in Jammu and Kashmir during the lockdown last year.

The central government imposed a complete lockdown in J&K on August 5 last year after the abrogation of article 370 of the Indian Constitution in the state.

What is the Pulitzer Prize?

Named after Hungarian born newspaper magnate Joseph Pulitzer, the Pultizer Prize is awarded by Columbia University, New York City, for outstanding public service and achievement in the newspaper, magazine journalism, letters, and music. 

It is a highly esteemed award that was established in 1917 as a result of Joseph Pulitzer’s will.

The prizes have varied in number and category over the years but currently number 14 prizes in the field of journalism, 6 prizes in letters, and 1 prize in music.

Only Americal citizens are eligible for the letters, drama and music categories, but journalism entrants can be of any nationality as long as their work has appeared in an Americal publication. In some years prizes are not given out in certain categories because no piece of work got the majority of the 102-member board’s vote.

Photos that won the trio the Pulitzer Prize

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