“Trees just explode” President Donald Trump on Westcoast wildfires

Of late, wildfires across the western coast of America have been spreading at an unprecedented rate. Since August, the fires have consumed about five million acres of land across three worst-affected American states; California, Oregon, and Washington.

Experts have repeatedly emphasized global warming and climate change as the primary cause of these wildfires. However, US President Donald Trump has blatantly dismissed the possibility of “climate change” being the cause of these fires.

During his recent visit to the “fire-raved” California, the president told an official “I don’t think science knows” about global warming. He has instead blamed poor forest management for the widespread forests. the fires have so far killed at least 36 people since early august. This is however not the first time the US president has denied climate change. He has often been quoted referring to global warming and climate change as “mythical”.

The president has additionally blamed “explosive trees” for the cause of fires.

Contrarily,  California Governor Gavin Newsom stated that the state only owns about 3% of the forest land whereas, the rest is under the federal government or private individuals. Hence, making it a responsibility of the Trump government.  

According to the latest updates, the fast winds and low humidity are preventing the fires from subsiding. However, some much-needed rain is also expected to follow in the coming days.

(Feature image credits: veranda.com)

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