Donald Trump offers to mediate the India-China border dispute

US President Donald Trump has offered to mediate the India-China border dispute. 

The India-china standoff has been the top news for the last few weeks. The hashtag has been the top trend and guess who likes to be on top of the trending curve? Donald Trump. Trump says the United States is ready, willing and able to mediate. He says the US government would like to arbitrate in this “raging” border dispute.

In a recent tweet, Trump said that India and China have already been informed regarding his intention to help.

Neither India nor China has responded to Trump’s offer yet. Also, there is no confirmation in fact if Trump has formally conveyed the offer.

What amuses most of us is the fact that there was a time when Donald Trump did not even know that India and China shared a border. 

Journalists Philip Rucker and Carol Leonning in their book titled “A Very Stable Genius” have claimed that Donald Trump was unaware of the fact that India and China shared a border. Apparently, Trump once left Prime Minister Modi surprised with his “poor knowledge of geography”. According to the book, in a meeting between the two leaders, Trump said: “it’s not like you’ve got China on your border” and Prime Minister Modi’s eyes bulged out and surprised.

This is not the first time Trump has offered his service to India. We’ve seen this multiple times in Kashmir only to be rejected by India and praised by Pakistan.

In the standoff, India has taken a stated position that it wants to dialogue and is not going to confront China militarily. Yesterday the Prime Minister held a meeting with three Armed Forces Chiefs to discuss on this severe issue.

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