TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee calls FM Nirmala Sitharaman a ‘venomous snake’

The political discourse in has hit a new low in West Bengal. TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee has equated the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman a venomous serpent.

During a rally in the Bankura area, Banerjee said, like the bite of a venomous snake that kills everyone, the same way Nirmala Sitharaman’s bite is killing the economy of the country.

“This Narendra Modi, came here before 2019 and made big promises. He promised to build better India. Yes, he has kept his promise. GDP growth fell below 1%. Hail Narendra Modi and his Finance Minister Niramal Sitharaman. Like Kala Naagini (venomous snake) bite kills people, Niramala Sitharaman bite is killing Indian everyday. She is the kind of Finance Minister she is. She has a lot of air about herself. Aren’t you ashamed? You’ve ruined the economy, reduced it to rubble and yet you continue with your chair. Sitharam should resign and sent into quarantine,” Banerjee address the public in the rally.

The rally was being conducted by the TMC to protest against the fuel price hike, and privatisation of Indian Railways.

Rahul Sinha, the BJP National Secretary and former President of BJP West Bengal has said the party has filed an FIR against Banerjee.

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