No chance of extending lockdown after June 30: Tamil Nadu CM

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K.Palaniswami on Saturday said there was no chance of extending the lockdown after June 30.

Talking to reporters Palaniswami said till now there is no chance of extending the lockdown.

He also said only God knows when the spread of Coronavirus will come down and the doctors are saying that the spread will come down step-by-step and the government is taking necessary measures.

He said the lockdown is like a speed breaker on the roads. The speed breaker prevents accidents from happening and the lockdown prevents the spread of coronavirus.

The total number of COVID19 cases in the state stands at 54,449 with 23,509 active cases. 666 people have died due to the deadly virus.

The Chief Minister said 80 per cent of the people who test positive are asymptomatic and they will get well within a week. Only 20 per cent show symptoms of coronavirus infection and only seven or eight per cent are severely affected and are admitted to hospitals.

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