Sonia Gandhi writes letter to PM Modi, calls fuel price hike insensible

Sonia Gandhi has written a letter to Prime Minister Modi to roll back the fuel price hike saying, “If you want citizens to be self-reliant then do not place financial fetters on their ability to move forward.”

In her letter, Sonia Gandhi also pointed out that the hike in excise duty of petrol and diesel has come at a time when the country is facing unprecedented public health, economic and social challenge during the ongoing battle against the Coronavirus pandemic.

She has questioned why the benefit of the dip in global prices isn’t being passed on to the consumers. 

For the last nine consecutive days, there has been a fuel price hike in both petrol and diesel across India.

She’s asked the government in that letter to roll back the fuel prices and put the money back in the pockets of the people.

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Sonia Gandhi calls the fuel price hike as insensitive, says that while the crude oil prices have fallen 9% in the last week why hasn’t the benefit been transferred to the people.

“The increase that has taken place in the last few days is expected to add nearly 2,60,000 Crore in terms of revenue. This is not the time to raise revenue as you are well aware the middle class is suffering in terms of job cuts, unemployment, salary cuts as various other issues,” she added in the letter.

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