Situation is under control, Says Army Chief Naravane

Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane responded for the first time today on the India-China standoff at the LaC. He spoke to the media at the passing out parade at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun. This was the Army Chief’s first official on-record statement.

The Army Chief said, “I’ll like to assure everyone that the entire situation along our borders with China is under control. We are having a series of talks which started with the core commander level on the 6th of this month. This has been followed up by a number of meetings at the local level between commanders of equivalent ranks, and as a result of this a lot of disengagement has taken place.”

He, however, says that he will not use the word retreated. Both sides are disengaging and eventually, the situation will improve.

What this means is that both the Indian and Chinese troops have stepped back 2.5km each from the three points along the LaC. But they haven’t gone back to the positions they were in before the start of the standoff.

There are been four points where the Indian and Chinese troops are eyeball to eyeball. In three of these points, Patrolling Point 14 (Galwan area), Patrolling Point 15, and Hot Springs there has been some degree of disengagement from both sides.

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