Relief to Indian-Americans – US government passes relaxations on H-1B visa restrictions

The Trump government has announced some relaxations in the H-B1 visa restrictions.

These restrictions followed President Trump’s assertion in June, that banned the entry of foreign workers in the US. The order was passed under the judgment that foreigners were eating jobs that belonged to US citizens during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The visa allows corporate giants from the US to hire immigrant workers with technical expertise and efficiency. Companies such as Amazon and Facebook make use of foreign workers to get their work done and consequently faced a blow following the ban. Several such companies had also filed a lawsuit challenging trump’s ban. Arguments demanding relaxations alleged that the ban would only lead companies to hire professionals outside the country and that wouldn’t be any aid to the already struggling economy.

The new rules allow senior-level employees in critical infrastructure sectors including healthcare and information technology, whose roles are vital to the management and success of the business to get the visas.

They should be paid at least 15% higher than the wage rate would also be considered, provided it is established that denial of the visa would cause significant financial harm to the employer. The department has issued a set of five guidelines, and applicants must meet at least two out of these five to be considered for a visa.

Subsequently, an order allowing some respite was released of late. The order allows foreign workers to join their former employers if they seek to do so under the H-B1 visa. Furthermore, the spouses of these workers will also be allowed to return to the states.

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