Rajasthan: Meteorite-like object falls from sky

A meteorite-like object fell from the sky in Rajasthan’s Sanchore town on Friday morning. Officials confirmed to news agency IANS that an object weighing around 2.78 kg fell from the sky, resulting in a one-foot deep crater.

According to locals, the sound was heard up to two kilometres away. The fall and the sound resulted in panic in the area.

Sub Divisional Magistrate Bhupendra Yadav reached the spot and was stunned to see the piece which was very hot during that time. The administration advised locals to stay away. After it cooled down, it was put in a jar and taken to the police station.

“There was a massive sound in the morning when the object fell from the sky — it was as if an airplane had crashed. However, no one could spot what had fallen. It was only after sometime that the object was noticed in a one-foot-deep pit in the ground. It had fallen about 100 metres from my house. We immediately informed local authorities,” says Ajmal Devasi, a local to India Today.

Mangal Singh, Information Bureau Inspector, Jalore district, said, “After we received information about the unidentified object, department officials reached the spot. The unidentified object was found to be three kilometres heavy and was very hot. The investigation is underway.”

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