Liquor home delivery starts in Odisha from tomorrow

Odisha Government has allowed Home Delivery of liquor by the existing licensed shops starting from tomorrow. The service won’t be available in containment zones & shopping malls.

The state government has amended the relevant provisions under Odisha Excise Rules, 2017. No shops are allowed to sell liquor across the counter or in their premises.

The State Government has introduced a “Special COVID Fee” and increased the MRPs of all types of foreign liquor & beer by 50%. The Government said the revenue generated would go towards the expenses for the treatment of Covid-19 patients in the state.

Customer can order for home delivery of liquor through food aggregator or directly from the liquor shops through SMS, WhatsApp or email.

ON and OFF shop licensees will have to prominently display their phone, WhatsApp, email id and UPI details for receiving the orders and facilitating digital payments outside their shop.

Excise Commissioner has been authorised to decide on the rates for delivery charges from time to time. The ceiling notified by him at present is Rs. 100 for orders up to Rs. 1000 and after that Rs. 25 for every additional Rs. 500 order value. In no case, the delivery charge will exceed Rs. 300. The Aggregators can fix their own rates subject to the above ceiling.

Normal timing for Home delivery would be between 7 AM to 6 PM. Orders are expected to be delivered within 6 hours.

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