Indian troops broke consensus & crossed LAC: Chinese spokesperson

In the daily briefing by Zhao Lijian, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson in Beijing, China has once again continued to be economical with the truth.

“Indian frontline troops were the ones who broke the consensus and crossed the line of actual control, deliberately provoking and attacking Chinese officers and soldiers, thus triggering fierce physical conflicts and causing casualties,” Zhao, said in his daily briefing.

India is calling it a spin from the Chinese side meant for their own political domestic consumption.

Though China has been saying that it wants to deescalate, the sense that is going out, however, is that they are also, on the other hand, hardening their position of trying to change the status quo.

China has constantly been putting out its version of saying that the Indian troops caused the clash at the LAC, not mentioning that this was Indian area. Also, hiding the fact that the Chinese troops which were supposed to disengage, pitched a tent and that was the reason for the violent faceoff in the Galwan Valley.

20 Indian Army men were killed in the faceoff, and there were fatalities on the other side as well.

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