Indian Army prepares for harsh winters at the disputed China border

Following the recent India-China face-off, border tensions have been mounting for both the nations. While sources reveal the countries are negotiating terms to resolve the conflict, neither side has backed down. Subsequently, the Indian army will now have to maintain troops at the treacherous slopes of the Ladakh border during the harshest months of winters.

The flare-up had occurred in the eastern part of Ladhak when twenty Indian soldiers were killed while China suffered an undisclosed number of casualties as well. The troops will be deployed across the high slopes of the cold dessert with temperatures falling below zero.

The oxygen is also quite scary at altitudes over 15,000 feet and hence, more than 150,000 of material has already been moved into the region.

The military has additionally deployed mules and large aircraft to activate an incessant network of transport of supplies. Large quantities of ammunition, fuel, food, and equipment have also been brought to Ladhak.

Emphasizing the vitality of logistics Major General Arvind Kapoor informed, “In the last 20 years, we have mastered it.” officials further stated that the Indian military has “mirrored” the increase in Chinese troops.

Additionally, all soldiers were checked for COVID-19 on Tuesday following their landing from the Indian air force’s large transport aircraft. 

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