India aids Mauritius with oil spill crisis, HAL Choppers in action

Following the recent oil spill near Mauritius, India has rushed to the aid of the island country in accordance with the ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy.

Reportedly, India is attempting to rescue people and extracting skimmed oil from MV Wakashio, the Japanese ship that had caused the spill. A 10-member specialized team along with choppers has been sent by the Indian government to the southeast coast of Mauritius.

MEA Dr. S. Jaishankar shared the news in a tweet

Additionally, technical equipment was sent via Indian Air Force’s C-17 Globemaster on the request of the Mauritius government.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s (HAL) spokesperson, Gupal Sutar informed regarding the paramount role of HAL in the rescue mission. 

“A total of 210 cargo operations and 270 winch operations were undertaken by HAL choppers towards salvage and rescue missions so far,” he said.

The Mauritius island had declared an environmental emergency over the spill while MP Pravind Jugnauth informed in an announcement that the ship was carrying about 4,000 tons of fuel and had catastrophically affected the “sensitive” waters of the island. 

Further, environmental group Greenpeace had earlier warned “As more diesel and oil leaks into the water, it may have a catastrophic effect on Mauritius.” 

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