Coronavirus found in infected men’s semen: can it be sexually transmitted?

Coronavirus has created quite a good havoc and panic across the globe, causing to bring all the countries under lockdown and people stuck in their home. All the economies are down, and every business is struggling to find out ways to run errands by working from home. 

Coronavirus has been a virus of the category SARS-CoV-2. Initially, it was said to affect by staying in the lungs of the human body and produce pneumonia-like symptoms. Soon after the initial study, it was found that the virus could reach up to the kidney, liver, heart, and gastrointestinal tract. 

But, now the medical researchers in China have come up with studies saying its presence in semen. In a small study under a controlled laboratory, the virus was detected in semen. A team of medical researchers did perform a study on 50 men in China, who were positive of COVID-19. 

These 50 men included the people who had symptoms as well as people who recovered only before the study. Out of 50 men, 12 weren’t able to give semen samples, so the team performed the survey of 38 samples only. Among the 38 samples, six samples (15.78%) of semen were found to be COVID-19 positive, as per the procedural tests suggested by WHO. 

Another interesting fact in the study says that out of 6 semen samples, four patients had symptoms of COVID-19, and two were already recovered at the time of the study. 

The report of the study was published on Jama Network Open. This study report has given rise to a new question in the mid of researchers – ‘Can COVID-19 transmit by sex?’ 

During an interview with The New York Times, a professor of microbiology named Dr Stanley Perlman, from the University of Iowa, said that though virus traces were found in the semen samples, it’s not necessary that it’s an active virus and can be transmitted during sexual intercourse. 

He said, “This is an interesting finding, but it must be confirmed that there is an infectious virus — not just a virus product in the semen.” He also said that the semen might contain only fragments of viral RNA. 

Thus, it is yet unclear if Coronavirus can be transmitted via sexual intercourse. Researchers also believe that more detailed studies need to be conducted to confirm new possibilities.

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