China Ordered attack on Indian troops: U.S. Intel

According to a U.S. intelligence source, a senior Chinese general ordered last week’s bloody attack on Indian troops at the Galwan Valley.

The assessment from the U.S. intel agencies contradicts China’s timeline of the bloody battle in the border. It indicates that the attack was not for the unexpectedly occurred tensions at the border, but rather a purposeful decision by Beijing to send a message of strength to India.

The U.S. News & World Report cited an intelligence source saying that General Zhao Zongqi, head of the Western Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army, ordered the deadly operation on Indian Army.

Zhao has been heading the newly created Western Theatre Command since 2016. He has previously engaged with the Indian troops a number of times, with the latest incident allegedly intended to be a way to “teach India a lesson,” according to the source.

Zhao was responsible for China’s handling of the 72-day-long standoff in Doklam near the India-China-Bhutan trijunction in 2017.

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