Dubai suspends Air India flight for 15 days amid rising COVID cases

In a new, the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority has suspended Air India Express operations to the Dubai airport till October 2. The ban came after Air India reportedly carried a passenger infected with COVID-19 to Dubai.

This is the second time the airline has been accused of carrying a COVID-19 positive passenger to the country. The suspension begins from September 18 and will be valid till October 2.

“You are aware of the previous intimation made to you by our letter dated September 2, for boarding a passenger with a COVID-19 positive result, who endangered the other passengers on board and also caused a serious health risk,” the letter issued by Dubai officials read.

According to the notice issued by the Dubai officials, the infected passenger had boarded the flight IX1135 from Jaipur to Dubai on September 4th. The individual had tested positive on September 2 at a diagnostic centre in Jaipur while the identity of the passenger is not revealed.

Apart from the ban, the company has also been asked to pay for the expenses met authorities for medical services, including quarantine, for passengers.

Additionally, hong kong and Malaysia had also suspended flights from India in August and September respectively in an attempt to control the spread of the virus.

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