Congress calls out Modi government for failing to control COVID-19 as cases surpass Brazil

India recorded the second-highest COVID-19 cases in the world ahead of Brazil on Monday. In response to the development, Congress has accused the Modi government of failing to control the spread of the virus. The party had further demanded the PM answers the nation on the way forward.

Senior Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala in a virtual press conference said that the current government’s  “indifference, ineptitude, and a failed leadership” has to lead the common people to fend for themselves.

Surjewala demanded how the government plans to control the virus that is growing at an alarming rate. “How will the government stop the alarming rise in corona infection?” he said.

He further added that the government had acted entirely ignorant to the advice given by experts such as adherence to the policy of ‘Test-Trace-Isolate-Treat’. Citing reports Surjewala said that the deaths due to the pandemic could reach as high as 1,75,000.

India now has a total of 4,204,613 confirmed COVID-19 cases along with over 71,642 deaths.

Additionally, The congress spokesperson alleged that while the state governments are desperately trying to limit the spread of the virus, the Modi government has refused to release their share of GST compensation.

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